NEW EDEN.....The EvE of a new Azeroth

NEW EDEN.....The EvE of a new Azeroth

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hello Again Everyone!

A few days ago I woke up to the following EvE Mail in my box, seems we have Guest Post#2 waiting to be posted. Enjoy the post from our "French" brother!

It's been a while Since I made any log entries, so i'll be running trough a few important events to me.The first was the move into WH space with AOE enterprises and it's young, but awesome CEO Zombika.I had been on shore leave for about 2 weeks, and when I came back I got a message that our new Little empire was set-up, thanks to Zombika and Tykari. Tykari I knew from my days as a planetwalker, but met again many years later flying among the stars.A matter of days later I had also moved in and set up, becoming a bane to sleepers and invaders alike.The second worthwile experience came with the first kill we made in WH space, a drake that was playing games with us. Growing weary of interruption we eventually decided on outwitting him. The plan we used was elegant in it's simplicity. A lone drake of ours would lure him into our WH, where I would be waiting in my Phobos.We expected him to run and so he did, with me jumping trough right after him. Before he even had a chance to uncloak the warp interdiction was up, he was trapped and my fellow captains were pounding the hell out of his ship. He of course couldn't jump again for another 4 minutes due to coil instability.His heroic buffertank amounted to nothing in the end, as we simply tore his ship apart as does a coroner a corpse. Eventually his ship went up, his podded trapped we offered him the choice, or a one way ticket highsec via clone express, or he paid us 100million. We gained a nice little bonus in the end.The second worthwhile event was the discovery of a enormous asteroid concentration in our WH system. ThePhantommajor and me (occacionally helped by our corp mates), spent days on end mining it. The referinery was running non stop at that time, spewing out toxic gasses, and worthless debris, and a steady stream of valuable minerals.At this time it was decided to build two carriers.The 3rd plain cool event was the encounter of a vagabond sitting at a Wormhole 2 systems away from our home WH. I was in my stealth bomber at that time, and didn't see any activity on the ship. The pilot was most likely in hibernation, without warping to safety, or shutting down all on-board electronics, making him very eaasy to detect. A mistake that he would never make again. I fired an experimental scorch bomb at him, in order to check if this was a trap.But the only effect was the ship's shields that dropped to 2/3 maximum capacity, and it being slightly moved due to the blast. Satisfied, I proceeded to launch torpedoes, whilst painting him, the result was that 10 minutes later a wreck and a frozen corpse had replaced the vagabond.I felt bad for th ship's crew, who must have seen this fiery end to the vagabond approaching, yet were unable to stop it. My conscience was eased when the numberous lifepods were jettisoned.The last event was the destruction of hulk exhumer class vessel. This all started when I was in my own hulk mining away at the last asteroids in our home system. I was the only one active at that time.After having crushed about half of a pyroxes asteroid I suddenly noticed the signatures of scanner probes appearing on my direction scan. Without hesitation I stopped my strip miners, had the crew secure all ore we could carry in the cargohold, and warped to station. upon arrival I instantly ordered the unload of the cargo into the hanger array, while I jumped into a helios class scanning vessel. Recognizing this ship mostly likely came from a K162 type WH, I began a sweep for such a WH. Upon pinpointing the wormhole is question I noticed the hostile probes disappear and noticed a Probe class vessel appear and quickly disappear on my directional scan. I warped to the WH, jumped upon exiting warp, and warped to a random moon in system. Immediately trowing out probes and running a sweep of the sector, 2 minutes later I had an exhumer class vessel pinned down.I did a quick warp to 100kmto verify the probe readings, and encountered a hulk mining a crockite asteroid. Checking my stealth protocols I was confident that the hulk had not picked me up.The crockite roid meant it was unlikely the hulk would be warping away anytime soon, so I returned to station, and swapped for a nemesis stealth bomber. When I warped back into the ore belt the hulk was still there jollyly mining. I checked the alignment and estimated the hulk would need at least 40 seconds to warp out. With that I manouvered myself into a decent position to start a bomb run. 30 km away from the hulk I uncloaked, let a bomb fly, activated the afterburner, and prepared the target painter, warp disruptor and siege missile launchers. When I was 20km away the bomb impacted collapsing the enemy shields and vaporizing the hostile drones, the other mods where activated upon the poor vessel a mere split second later.After that I was a mere matter of pounding the ship with torpedoes untill it went up in a ball of flame.

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