NEW EDEN.....The EvE of a new Azeroth

NEW EDEN.....The EvE of a new Azeroth

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beta Testers Needed

So in my journey thru all that is EvE Online I've ran into, met, flew w/, yarr'd w/, & been yarr'd on... lots of people.

All of these people can be put into 1 of 3 categories:
1. Those that fly ships w/o a probe launcher

2. Those that fly ships w/ a probe launcher, &

3. Those that can flip for fun.

I have a special place in my cardiovascular system, namely the heart, for pilots that probe. Maybe it has to do w/ my love of WHoles, or maybe it stems from my dislike of running missions, or my love of probing that Wolf that ran to its safe spot. Whatever the reason, we prober's MUST STICK TOGETHER! Else the larger group of un-believers out there overtake us. While scanning (could this be a pun Iwonder...) thru the forums just a few minutes ago (on duty and stuck on-board the ship, so no connection to play EvE thru) I stumbled onto a gem, a real gold mine. Even if this site works 1/2 as well as advertised, it will be an asset to all explorers out there. It has the potential to be to an explorer what eve-survival is to a mission runner.

Here is a link to the post on the forums. Keep in mind, this is a Beta and any support we can give these guys will only help all of us out in the future. If you could all spread the word, more people that know about this the more we benefit. I don't know about ya'll, but being ranked and ranking corps doing this is a pretty awesome idea imho.


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