NEW EDEN.....The EvE of a new Azeroth

NEW EDEN.....The EvE of a new Azeroth

Monday, May 31, 2010

Three & Your Out

Well, after 3 days of logging in, scanning our system ("Old Eden"), BM'ing the combat sites, the grav sites, ladar, and radar sites, we have an exit pop up just 3 jumps away from our staging area. The Corp Leadership ordered us to pack up and return home, our first attempt at living in a WH had been a success! After off-lining our tower, sentry guns, hanger & maint arrays, loaded up the Itty V and a newly rigged and fitted Mammoth and hopped back into K-Space, 3 jumps later we were home. The final list of plunder is as follows;
  1. Wrecked Armor x2
  2. Wrecked Electromechanical Component x1
  3. Wrecked Power Cores x2
  4. Wrecked Hull Section x3
  5. Wrecked Thruster x1
  6. R.A.M. Hybrid Tech x3
  7. Datacore- Defense Subsystems Engineering x33
  8. Datacore- Electronic Subsystems Engineering x22
  9. Datacore- Engineering Subsystems x13
  10. Datacore- Offensive Subsystems Engineering x32
  11. Datacore- Propulsion Subsystems Engineering x15
  12. Neural Network Analyzer x150
  13. Sleeper Data Library x60
  14. Cartesian Temporal Coordinator x4
  15. Electromechanical Hull Sheeting x255
  16. Emergent Combat Analyzer x3
  17. Fused Nanomechanical Engines x1
  18. Heuristic Selfassemblers x7
  19. Melted Nanoribbons x25
  20. Modified Fluid Router x 131
  21. Neurovisual Input Matrix x30
  22. Powdered c-540 Graphite x101
  23. Resonance Calibration Matrix x22
  24. Neural Network Analyzer x150

Not a bad haul for 2 pilots over 3 days. We also did a small amount of mining and gas harvesting, pulling in a good amount of Arknor, Bistot, Crokite, and Fullerite-C50/C60/C70/C72/C84 in the process. The gas and mineral hauls were not sold as we are using them in reactions/production.

With my portion of the profits, after seeing the Proteus in action I will be visiting Jita this week to pick up my own, the tank and dps it puts out w/ TII neutron blasters is nasty and i cant wait to get behind the controls. My trigger finger is already itchy...

o/ Fly Safe!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vein of Life: Logistics

The alarm rings beside the bed.
Time to get up.
Look out the window, a fine central California morning.
Rub the sleep from your eyes.
Now your ready to face the day.

After logging into EVE, I see Corp channel going crazy, one of the scouts just found a C1 full of sigs and no owner. As soon as i make myself known, "o/ morning corp-ies" I'm told to grab the Itty V (almost 39,000m3 of sexiness) and check the wallet blink. Directors had allotted me 150,000,000 ISK to grab a small POS setup. WE WERE MOVING IN!!!

So begins my morning of epic logistics action. I use the POS Honey to figure a simple setup as well as fuel for a week long stay:
-Coolant x336
-O2 x1176
-Enriched Uranium x168
-Heavy Water x946
-Mechanical Parts x336
-Robotics x168
-O2 Isotopes x18984
-Liquid Ozone x5176
These plus the small tower, corp hanger array, ship maint array, ECM batteries, small rails filled the cargo hold of H.M.N.S. Worm to around 3/4 capacity. After an hour of jumping system to system in Verge Vendor & neighboring regions, I'm ready to join the 2 corp members already inside clearing the Radar & Mag sites. Our HAC Pilot ejects and meets me (As well as the mining/scan alt in his Covetor...more about that here in a bit...) at the K-SPace entrance in his Pod. I hop the Itty thru, ALT+TAB to the Alt in his mining barrage, move to hop thru and am told that my ship is to you mean to tell me CCP, that my Covetor CAN'T go thru, but an Itty V, fully loaded now w/ POS, fuel, extra TIII subs, & ammo CAN?!?! Oh, the agony!

After Beginning to anchor the tower, I ALT+TAB again to the Alt, buy a Retriever & begin the jumps to, well, Retrieve it. About this time the tower is anchored, I start adding the fuel to its bay. Now to online this puppy, ERROR. Hmmm, lets try that again...ERROR, alright maybe I should read the ERROR mssg. No O2?!?! OK, must have forgot to add it, open the Itty's cargo hold, rummage thru it:
-Hanger Array
-Maint Array
-Sub Systems
-Distinct lack of O2...
Yup I forgot it, you guessed it. Well this isn't good, but I have the the Alt & Retriever outside right? Sure do but this wouldn't be worth telling if it had been that easy. Only O2 in Verge Vendor? 1,000,000 ISK PER UNIT. F#ck me right? So here we go again King of Logistics, jump time. 18 jumps later I find O2 at around 100 ISK per unit, hop back to the WH and online the tower. Now while this was all going on, I managed to bring the mains Helios, Passive Mrym, and salvage desy into the WH, finishing just 15 minutes before todays extended maint shutdown.

Last night I ended the post w/ a lessons learned section, think I'll make that the anchor tonight as well. Lesson #1? Make a list and check it twice, hell check it 15 or 100 times, it will save you time, and your WH extra mass passing thru it. Know your ship restrictions on the C1, will save you time, that's #2. Now the last one didn't happen today, but #3 is this; ALWAYS check the unit / price before buying, you don't know how close I was to paying 1 mil ISK per O2 before i caught it. Shame on you Mr. Random seller...

Well that covers today, I'll update as we clear sites over the next few days.
o/ Fly Safe!

Day #1


I did it. I can't believe its done, but I did it, after months of watching skill plans tick-toc by in EVEmon, I was ready to hop thru to the abyss that was the object of my obsession. Wormholes, the thing that got me into EvE in the first place and here I was in one, a freshly fitted passive Myrm at my keyboards control. Here I was.

Let me step back a bit, I don't intend on this being an RP blog, I don't want to ramble (the latter would be the thing you should watch out for...), I just want to document my trips into W-Space as I make them, Mongol-like, & perhaps decide to live there in a fashion a bit down the road. My primary source for all things WH was the blog by Star Defender at, when the damn things first showed up. The EvE Online Forums, as well as hours at google and Bing brought numerous resources to my fingertips. At this point things in W-Space have settled down to routine in our EvE universe so there is no need for this to be a step-by-step guide, as others have done better than I could hope to top. I simply intend to add my 2 or 3 ISK worth and post my weekly adventures.

So, here we are back to the first jump thru. As my Helios warped to the Proteus of a corp member, we find a Helios sitting at the WH he had just scanned down, after attempting conversation, we decided to just roll w/ it. I did the first thing every guide tells you to do, I BM'd the K-Space exit, jumped thru and BM'd my entrance then shot a probe into my new system. I quickly BM'd the 5 combat sites (4x ambush, 1x perimeter camp) and re-entered K-Space to get my Mrym. As I warp back to the WH BM, the Helios is still sitting there, no answer from my convo attempts, I jump thru and warp to the site saved Ambush #1. At 40km Warden I's are deployed, Arty is loaded w/ Proton M and the sleeper frigs start popping w/n the 4th volley. Between the TIII gank/tank and the Mrym's great (better than a Drake? lets not start THAT here) passive tank-ness/sentry pwn'age the 1st site is cleared and salvaged in less than 10 min.

Warping to Ambush #2 we begin to clear the sleeper sentry towers when my Mrym screams at me "ERRRNNNNTTT" Im at 75% shields...WTF M8! I in my infinite noob-ness had forgot to turn on my hardeners, quick think! scoop drones, check! warp to safe spot, crap forgot the safe spot, warp to 50km of WH BM, check! after letting the shields recharge, I warp back to find my Corp m8 has already cleared to the 3rd wave, I begin salvaging the wrecks hes left behind. At this point I realize I have made another mistake, I've forgotten to run my directional this entire Op, something EVERY guide hits on "Don't go 2 minutes w/o hitting your directional...", clicking it I see the list of POS structures pop up (did i mention the LARGE POS in the system? didn't think so, maybe because I just now noticed them...). Right about this time I recieve a convo invite, being the strapping lad that I am, I accept. "You rang?" was the mssg i was greeted w/. It was the Helios pilot from the K-Space exit...

I inform this pilot that we had noticed him at a K-Space WH exit and had just wanted to ensure that there would be no hostility between us and him, should he decided to join us inside. It turns out, that this was HIS system and POS setup and he was simply waiting on a shipment of POS stuffs for his next extended period in the WH. The convo went something like this:

me: "pls mr, we are only clearing a few pew-pew sites, we mean you no harm and intend to leave after this salvage is complete"
system owner: "no worries, the WH still has plenty of mass, hop thru when your ready"
me: "gee mr, thxs a million"
s.o.: "np, all ive been doing are the grav sites anymore and production"
me: "well mr, were out, its been a pleasure"
s.o.: "fly safe"

So ends my first WH adventure. Came out w/ just over 10 mil in sleeper libraries and assorted salvage for the corp-ie's manufacturing. Not a bad first day, not a let down to be sure, after months of waiting, reading, planning, and dreaming it was well worth it, plenty of rushes, good combat and some alright loot. Mistakes, yeah a few mistakes are on the list #1 being directional, directional, directional. Not having a safe spot or twenty also makes the list, as does not having noticed the POS on my initial probe. Not sure how I missed it, maybe so caught up w/ the 5 100% sigs from the combat sites I never looked below it.

Well that's it, told you to watch for the ramble!
o/ fly safe!