NEW EDEN.....The EvE of a new Azeroth

NEW EDEN.....The EvE of a new Azeroth

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rolling in the Deep

O/ AHOY therrrr

CCP why hast thou thwarted us!

@ some point CCP changed Corporation standing updates. I have no evidence to support this, but I am certain that Corporation standings were calculated EVERY DAY @ down time. Having formed our new Corporation & having satisfactory standing w/ our chosen Empire, we set out to anchor a POS in a .7 system in order to run our own R&D. We get the tower, labs, guns, and ECM loaded and warp to our moon and......nothing. They now only factor in members who have been in the Corporation for SEVEN DAYS! Now while this could be a godsend to an established Corp, for a newly formed one trying to lay stake to very favorable property, this isn't such a good thing. We are now forced to wait not only for skills to tick by in RT (something about EvE that I LOVE) but also for 7 whole days to creep by, watching our moon, praying to the CCP Gods that nobody else happens across it before we can anchor. AHHH the joys of Empire!

Well in related news we came to a conclusion (I say "we" loosely here, I am blessed w/ an amazing group of Directors and Recruitment Officer) that splitting the guys into mining "teams" w/ a weekly goal for yield would more than support the POS fuel costs. Soon our Corp hanger will be Rolling in the Deep, Ice for days....Think I will force them to listen to this song while they plug away @ the Ice Fields. LOL a few weeks of crying there eyes out to this song will force even the most seasoned Hi-Sec carebear among them to move to W-Space.....I love it when a plan comes together!

Well that's it for today, if anyone has any link-age on the standing change (if in fact there was one) I would love to see it. Was is one of those changes that never made the patch notes? Or did I miss it while deployed?



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trust in EvE

Well EvENation, I HAVE RETURNED! That was a hell of a deployment, easily the most action packed I've seen so far. I was lucky enough to visist Malyasia, Bahrain, Abu Dubai, & Singapore this time as well as an awesome few days on-board R91, the "Charles de Gaulle" Frances new nuclear powered aircraft carrier. All-in-all a good deployment. The best part though is even being gone for 7 months, my eve accounts were well taken care of by an in-game buddy. When we talk about EvE, you always end up talking about trust in some way-shape-or-form. Normally this is in a negaative way, ie corp theft, scam, ect ect. But there are those times when you gamble and it pays off huge dividends. I trusted a cormate to watch my account, he could have sold off my assests, deleted my pilots and gotten rid of the accounts. He didn't. Instead he kept to the training plan and I am now sitting in my very first Tengu as well as having access to all the TII Caldari cruiser lineup. Talk about being set. It's been awhile and I really should have more to blog about but nobody wants to hear sea stories! Keep checking up on us, will be plenty to blog on soon as we are opening our own Corp and training new guys in the art of WH'ing always makes for an interesting read. O/ FLY SAFE Dwarf